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Hi lovelies!

I decided to close the shop for a little while due to a couple of reasons.

First of all I'm running low on stock on the most popular products! This has to do with the corona virus and getting a lot of my supplies from China. And with a lot of flights being cancelled it also hard to get an estimate when new stock will arrive.

Secondly I suspect that the mail will take longer to arrive (also due to the corona virus) and I rather avoid the frustration we would both feel because of that :)

And thirdly I bought a house! YAY! But that means I also have a lot of painting, fixing things and decorating to do ;) So together with the corona virus going around, I thought it was best to just focus on that only.

In the mean time I'm still available to answer questions / messages. It just might take a couple of days before you'll get a reply.

Please stay safe! And don't forget to be kind to one another during this time :)

X Louisette