Seconds Sale Pins - Part 1

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These listed pins have some imperfections that I don’t feel comfortable selling for full price. Most of the flaws are small, but some are more visible but the pins are still wearable! So if you’re looking to up your pin game for a bargain, you’re in the right place!

These pins are shipped out without a backing card and don't have any special backers (like hearts/stars) 

The pins are picked at random. This means that you can choose the design you want, but I won't be picking 'the best' looking one.

Because of the individual nature of the flaws I can’t include a picture of the flawed pins.

Keep in mind when you buy a seconds pin that it’s not necessarily limited to one flaw. 

Some examples of the flaws are:
- Specs of dust or other color/glitter
- Under filled enamel 
- Glitter uneven
- Over polishing (making letters thicker on side than the other for example)
- Dents/scratches in the enamel or metal
- Enamel covering metal 
- Small area filled with the wrong color
- Air bubbles in enamel
- Plating not smooth
- Smudges in the screen printing
- Bits of screen printing missing

Brand: Little Lefty Lou